About us
Source and development of Roulette Labs

Between 2008 and 2011, many roulette players started to share their experiences on dedicated casino forums to compare their betting techniques.

In 2012, they decided to exhibit their work on a blog called Roulette Community, that does not exist anymore. This internet exhibition has caught the attention of several people, including a software algorithm engineer who was already working on a promising roulette software, as well as an investor willing to further develop the project.

Early 2014, the team worked on the development of a community program to win at online roulette games. Then, on April 1st, 2015, their work resulted in the creation of the Roulette Labs company and the launch of the website www.roulettelabs.com.

Roulette Labs' Official Launch

Roulette Labs is now online and accessible to the general public. We decided to restrict registrations to people possessing an access code in order to protect the quality of informations provided by the members. Let the show begin !

Launch of the Beta Test phase

Site opens to 30 Beta testers who followed the project from day one in order to start identifying bugs and enjoying the software's performances.

Finalization of web development

Integration of design and texts completed. Roulette Labs is almost ready to host its Beta testers.

Performing the first tests

The core functions of the website are complete, the first test sessions start. The results are very promising.

Year 2015

Incorporation of the company

All the paperwork is done, Roulette Labs now exists as a company. The servers have been purchased and the development phase can start.

First meeting of Roulette Labs' team

Meeting of the 12 founding members to establish the specifications related to this major project.

Year 2014