Active members contest
Be rewarded for using the software regularly

Contest description

The objective of Roulette Labs community is to get, thanks to its members, more game to improve more and more the precision of its software.

With this in mind, we decided to set up a monthly contest to reward the most active members in the last calendar month.
Each registered member playing in real mode is automatically integrated in the ranking at the beginning of each month when he completes at least one session in real mode.
The position of each user in the ranking increases or decreases throughout the month based on its activity and the one of other members.

Contest rules

To determine each member activity, we chose to consider the "roulette spins" indicator.

At the end of each session, we sum every roulette spin made by the member and add it to his global score.
The ranking is updated 1 time every 24 hours. It is determined according to each member activity score.
The last day of the month, during the last ranking update, every member wins the prize corresponding to its final rank.

It is useless to try to cheat for the following reasons:

Each winner will have, to receive its prize, send us all of its game history available on the online casino.
By entering data into the software without playing, the accuracy will be directly impacted. Soon as this is detected by the software, your account will be deleted without warning.

Prize to be won

Prizes awarded in this competition are intended to strengthen the members capital in the online casino, that's why the prizes will be directly credited to there.

The prize awarded at each position is displayed directly in the right column of the ranking.

Next update of the ranking

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