Instructions for use of the Roulette Software
Roulette software's theoretical basis

How does Roulette Labs work ?

Statistical advantage

To exist, an online casino needs a license, which is distributed by regulators. To get this license, a casino must meet certain rules and standards, such as the use of a specific algorithm for its games.
This algorithm perfectly represents random for all casino games, and it must "balance the tables" over each 24-hour-period : within 24 hours, all numbers must come out the same number of times.

Thanks to its player community, Roulette Labs records more than 95% of all outcoming numbers at some of Euromoon's roulette tables. The software is thus able to predict the number with the highest statistical delay - this number is the most likely to come out more often in the future.

The resulting statistical advantage allows our users to earn 1.14% of their bets on average . > data calculated from the first three months of operation

Betting system

The statistical advantage allows the software to be profitable in the long run, but the financial yield remains relatively low. To improve its profitability, the software uses a progressive betting system to compensate pending losses so that every completed session turns beneficial.
Every aspect of Roulette Labs' risk management system has been optimized to reduce risk of a potential runaway reaction to the maximum.

Cancelling the limits

Betting systems usualy have the same weakness : bet limits per box imposed by casinos.
Roulette Labs software's algorithm combines various roulette tables with different bet levels to obtain the largest possible betting range. A session can thus be completed even if a number does not come out in 1,000 consecutive spins.

How to use the software ?

Register at Roulette Labs

The statistical advantage provided by the software primarily depends on the reliability of the data entered into the software by our community members. Access to the software is therefore limited to registered and connected users : Registration

Follow the different formation steps

Each data input in the software by a member will be used by the software algorithm, that's why it's very important that every new member receive a good formation to use the software properly. For that we set up few successive steps that have to be validated to reach the next step.

When you are ready to begin, be guided by the software page.

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